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Discover the 7 Steps to Fast-Track your Child’s Swimming and Survival Skills!

Don’t stress about whether your child will be safe around the pool or at the beach. Learn the essential skills necessary to help your child to survive and thrive in the water this summer.

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  • Save time – No driving.

  • 100% one on one attention.

  • Entertain your younger kids with ease

  • Familiar setting – Promotes faster learning.

  • Forget sitting in a hot and humid pool room.

“If your child’s confidence around water and their swimming ability does not improve in the first 4 weeks then we will refund your money IN FULL”

Take a look at some of the benefits you get from our Home Swim School…

  • A FREE and totally no obligation lesson and Assessment so you know where your child is at with water safety
  • Lessons are taught in your own backyard pool. Being in a familiar environment promotes calmer, more relaxed behaviour from your child. They will associate water with fun rather than being stressed and crying.
  • Your money will not be wasted on the first few lessons because your child is scared in an unfamiliar environment and, as a result, unwilling to participate fully.
  • Your child’s progress will be much quicker. They receive totally focused attention with one on one private lessons.
  • Your time is valuable! There is no time wasted traveling to a swim school that has a limited number of time slots available for your child. We are flexible and fit in with your schedule.

Here are more great benefits that no other swim school offers…

  • You get a written assessment of your child’s ability, detailing the skills that your child needs to learn to be safe, confident and enjoying the water. So even if you decide not to go with us you will understand exactly what is needed for your child to be able to survive in the water.
  • We sit down and discuss exactly what you want to get out of your child’s swimming lessons using our goals checklist.
  • After the first few lessons we can then quite accurately predict for you the expected number of lessons required to get your child to a water safety level that you are happy with.

Of course every child that participates in our “Swim and Survive” program automatically gets our…

7 Industry Leading Deano’s Nemos Guarantees

  1. We guarantee that your child will be absolutely love their first lesson or your money back.
  2. We guarantee that your child will be taught by a fully qualified Austswim swim instructor – who also hold a current CPR and First Aid certificate.
  3. We guarantee that our written assessment of your child’s ability will detail what aspects your child needs to master to be able to swim – and a time frame in which it’ll take them to learn.
  4. We guarantee that your child’s self confidence will improve – not just in water but in all other aspects of their lives.
  5. We guarantee that you will get continuous feedback on the progress of your child at;
    • The end of every lesson and
    • Formal testing once a month.
  6. We guarantee that these convenient swimming lessons, which are specifically tailored to your child’s needs, will get results!
  7. In the unlikely event that you are ever unhappy with a lesson that we give, let us know and we will refund your money IN FULL and pay for your first lesson at a swim school of your choice.

No parent wants to see their child end their life through not learning a simple life skill such as learning to swim.

And you know what it is like worrying about your child when they are near the water or away from you at their friends place.

The good news is, there is a solution.

If you’re worried your child does not have the swimming skills to save themselves in an emergency situation then I’d like to offer you a COMPLIMENTARY Swim and Survive Assessment (valued at $47) as a safe and easy way to find out for sure.
In 30 minutes your child will be assessed in kicking, stroke, breathing, and their ability to link these 3 things together.

This assessment gives you peace of mind that your child has the skills to save themselves. And if not you get a detailed explanation of the exact steps required to get them to that level.

Start today…
Secure your COMPLIMENTARY Swim and Survive Assessment by contacting Deano’s Nemos using one of these methods….

  1. Call us on 0478001225
  2. Email us at

We’ll happily make a mutually convenient time for your child’s assessment.

Your child’s future is at stake.
Never settle for anything less than the best.
Get started today and contact Deano’s Nemos.

Deano teaches both my children and I cannot believe how far they have come in just a few lessons. Dean’s classes are fun, engaging and taught with patience and kindness. I can’t recommend Deano’s Nemos highly enough!

Nadine Peters, AberglasslynI cannot believe how far they have come in just a few lessons

I can’t praise Dean enough! We have a 7yo (ASD) & 3yo both have come leaps & bounds, eldest could really only doggie paddle & was afraid of putting his face underwater & youngest was just scared full stop. We still can’t believe how far they have come in 1 season from learning strokes & just the confidence.

Melitta Tull, BolwarraI can’t praise Dean enough!

My son has been having swimming lessons with Dean for almost two months now. He gets so excited about swimming class and has so much fun with Dean. I don’t think he even realises that it is a lesson and that he is learning!
Dean is an awesome teacher and I am very happy that we were able to find him! My son started with pretty much no swimming skills other than playing a little in the water. I am amazed at how quickly his swimming skills have progressed and how quickly he has become confident in the water.
Like many three year olds, my son gets distracted easily and he is sometimes shy or unsure of trying something new, however Dean seems to know just how to keep him on track in a kind way to keep his skills moving along. You can tell that Dean genuinely cares about the kids he teaches.
On top of all this, classes are convenient for me – Dean comes to our house, so I don’t waste time driving to and from class and I also found Dean was very flexible with finding a time that suits us. I would definitely recommend Dean to anyone who is looking for a great teacher.

Brooke Arcia, EdgeworthDean genuinely cares about the kids he teaches

Thanks so much for being so patient and understanding with Jed after he had an experience that really rocked his water confidence. We really appreciate it.

Heidi, NewcastleThanks for being so patient and understanding.