Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons

By November 9, 2017Deano's Swim Tips

Comfortable Swimming Lesson Environment

Your money will not be wasted on the first few lessons because your child is scared in an unfamiliar environment and, as a result, unwilling to participate fully. Deano’s Nemos private swimming lessons are taught in your own backyard pool. Being in a familiar environment promotes calmer, more relaxed behaviour from your child. They will associate water with fun rather than being stressed and upset.

Facilitates the Learning Process

Your child’s progress will be much quicker. They will receive totally focused attention with one on one private lessons. This allows your child to form a closer bond with their swim instructor and learn the swim skills in a more efficient manner.

Convenience for You

Your time is valuable! There is no time wasted traveling to a swim school that has a limited number of time slots available for your child. We are flexible and fit in with your schedule and you are able to stay in the comfort of your own home while your child’s swimming lessons are underway.

Safe and Stress-free

Having Deano’s Nemos private swimming lessons in your own backyard gives you peace of mind knowing your child will be taught the skills necessary to survive in your own pool. This means that they will be familiar with the layout of your pool and will be taught the skills necessary to get to safety and to survive if they are ever in an emergency situation!


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