There are two main techniques that can be used to help keep your child’s anxiety down and increase their ability to thrive and survive in the water.

Keep the Same Routine

I know it sounds simple but having the same routine for every swimming lesson week in and week out will help children on the spectrum become aware of what is expected from them and when it is coming.  This will intern reduce their anxiety and stress levels.

Use Visual Cues

Making a story board with pictures is a great way to help children on the spectrum understand what they need to do within their structured swimming lesson and keep their attention with the task at hand. This story board of pictures can contain every item that will be used within the lesson as well as pictures demonstrating a swimming technique like blowing bubbles or kicking legs in the water. See the examples below.

Deano’s Nemos one on one private swimming lessons are taught in your own backyard pool. Being in a familiar environment promotes calmer, more relaxed behaviour from your child. This along with the two techniques mentioned above, will help accelerate you child’s ability to learn to swim whilst also building muscle strength and coordination!